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AR Metaverse

The World's First Web3 Based AR Platform


Artists are constantly looking for new ways to express and share their passion,

Street and digital artists are limited because of the nature of their medium of expression.

Over 15B$ spent yearly to remove graffitis in the US and over 650m2 removed everyday in France.

We wish to prevent these expenses while preserving artworks and providing profitable means for artistic conceptualization and diffusion.


Our Vision

Create New Possibilities

IZUMO is a creative application using the AR technology, meant as a solution for people wishing to share art to transform the urban cityscape. 

We give new possibilities for all artists to exhibit, conceptualize art and connect with their community through a collaborative experience. 


We consider that street artists should be able to live out of their art in it's original form without risks, as Illegally made street art is under no copyright protection and is punishable by law.


Street art, in its original environnement could not be moved nor therefore sold and was destined to disappear. However, 24% of the contemporary art market turnover comes from street artists, which is thus a source of revenue foregone.

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Augmented Reality + Web3

All AR apps that existed until now were based on a web1 model, as users would only watch content made by the set up organizer.

We are now creating a web3 based AR Metaverse which would allow anyone to anchor objects that they own (as they are NFTs), in the real world with the AR technology.

Non digital Artists can also scan handmade art that we turn into digital assets, and which users can then place and trade to decorate the world.   

VR Goggles

The Era of AR is almost here

Microsoft, Lenovo, Nreal, Magic Leap or Rokid, and other AR glasses currently being developed around the world will eventually one day change the way we experience reality.

The "Hyper Reality" concept has shown us that this near futur might actually be even closer than we thought.

We are developing an AR Metaverse that will be at the center of this futuristic world.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Clearly not too long from now, you'll wonder how you led your life without AR. Just like today, we wonder, how did people like me grow up without the internet.
29th September, 2022

NFT Playground

Through a ludic location based marketing platform, we wish to support businesses and individuals to get known and to encourage people to discover the world through a rewarding life experience. 

We believe that users sharing similar interests will as they meet while conducting common activities become part of communities of likeminded people.

We are promoting an healthy, educative and social incentivized dynamic in order to create a better future where people collaborate to progress together.


Artist Partners

The platform is launched with the support of a wide range of artists. We believe that art is most impactful when placed in the street, visible by everyone and become a living part of your city. 


Coming soon


Coming soon


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Coming soon


Project Partners

AR Metaverse will be the bridge between the real world and the web3 world.


Polygon Studios






Soudan NFT


Come to meet us !


Non Fungible Tokyo 2022

Social Innovation Week Shibuya 2022

Semaine du Japon en Occitanie



Launching AR Metaverse Beta

Collaboration Announcement

NFT Pre-sales 

Spirale graphique

Our Supporters


Yanai Minoru


Non Fungible Tokyo



Zak Murase

Start-up Advisor & Mentor



Maki Ishiwatari

Former Startup Executive, Leadership Coach/Trainer

(USA & Japan)

The Team

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