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Ludic advertisement platform experienced through a location based GameFi

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Our Mission

We are an integrant part of our users life as the way they conceive things will evolve based on what they learn through IZUMO. We believe that people sharing similar centers of interests will be doing common activities which will lead to the creations of communities of likeminded users with the same lifestyles for a better future.

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Three features to achieve our Mission


Learning by Check-in

Enlighten your mind by acquiring knowledge and thrive by living an experience that will change your consumption habits and the way you perceive the world around you.

Discovery Trail

Through a location based GameFi, discover the real world like you have never seen it before while meeting, earning and learning together.


Participate to the life of the community, entertain and help others to make their dreams come true by creating, suggesting and voting.

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New Interests

Discovery Trail is a feature made for people to share their most loved or relevant places, in the form of a path that users follow. It’s a list of key places related to a specific topic, a sort of guide that narrates the history or help you to find the most valuable places in order to discover without wasting time.


For instance : Let yourself carried and embark on a journey to discover the life of Napoleon,  best traditional cafés to eat in Paris. As a result get rewards and let your friends know what you achieved through the SNS.

NFT Companions

Side by side with their companions, as they walk,

users will see checkins appear on their map where they are incited to go.

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IGT Token

IGT token is the bond that connects users and local businesses. Our social structure expand the economical scope as it implies that users will supports each other through our game. 



Gain rewards and experience to make your NFT companion level up and be more efficient at playing and earning by check in and walking.



As a newcomer on the market, getting known might take time and cost before actually being profitable. 

We provide an advertisement solution through which users will discover new products and companies renew or create their customer base.

Consumers habits are the fruit of their cognizance, they will evolve base on the discovery that users will make as they play. 


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Coming Soon


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